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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Justin Hornsby 07/01/1990 - 03/17/2017


Sure miss watching Games with these Two
Jamie Hornsby   -     Doris Veazey


17 National Championships –

I have been fortunate enough to witness the last 7 in person.

 Funny thing is, in Alabama, seldom do you pick your “Team”.  It is usually handed down generation to generation.   You are either a Bama fan, or a fan of the team on the plains. Cool

 My greatest memories of the Crimson Tide are numerous.  From my late Father and I listening to John Forney and Doug Layton paint the picture of each play via the radio in our living room, to watching the 92 National Championship Game live in NOLA with my late Mother.  Or the 2012 National Championship with our late son, Justin Hornsby. Seeing the last 5 National Title Games live with my wife Michele (as a fan) I have lived the dream.  And I must say the latest National Championship in Atlanta rivals that 92 game from the standpoint of excitement and awe. 

You hear players say “I dreamed of playing at Bama” – well as a fan, growing up in the tiny town of Goodwater Alabama, I dreamed of seeing Bama play in person.  That dream came true as I saw my first Bama game in 1977, at the age of 18.  Of course Bama rolled to a 55-6 victory over the Cardinals of Louisville in a game that is forever etched in my memory.

Back in those days, memorabilia wasn’t available like it is now, and I became a collector of “unique” Bama stuff.   Good luck stuff – and the passion of collecting Alabama Memorabilia began to rival the passion of being a fan.  Whether it was a statue of an Elephant or a Bama Football player, and I begin to collect unique things as the years passed. 

My collection of unique Memorabilia has continued to grow, and turned into my collection of Tide Rides. Each year for the past 8 years, one or more of the Tide Rides, have been part of the annual Bama Homecoming in Tuscaloosa.  That too has been a great experience as a fan, to see the faces of other fans enjoy the parade. 

I developed this space to share those with you as a collector or as a Bama fan, I hope you enjoy.  

Each week during football season, I update this site (Blog-Scroll Down) and share my thoughts and my predictions about the upcoming game. 

To the left, you can click on the links for portions of my collection and the Tide Rides.
I would like to invite you to check out what the folks at Reese's have done.  The official candy of NCAA football, contacted me with interest in doing a story about "TIDE RIDES" and the fan who would have such a collection.  Yours truly obliged, and it was a good decision.  The crew spent a few hours with Michele and me and were the nicest people.  The entire crew was fantastic, but special thanks to Joey, Sarah and Marty.  You are welcome back anytime !!! There is a link at the bottom for you to enjoy the segment..entitled, "BAMA'S BIGGEST FAN"  ....yeah, I know.....  keep the comments about the title to yourselves... 

Enjoy and Roll Tide!!!!!!!!

Latest Addition to Tide Rides !!!!!



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Friday, November 9, 2018

Week 11 Bama VS Miss ST

Coming off a big win against LSU, Bama is back home against the MSU Bullies.   Bama looked good against LSU on the road.  In a game that many pundits predicted Bama would perhaps show its vulnerabilities, The Tide continued to shine on offense, and the defense seemed to have a "MAD ON" and played what was easily one of their best games of the year in a 29 to 0 shut out.  Bama did at times struggle with motion on offense, but considering the atmosphere in DEATH VALLEY, those kind of things are understandable.  Of course not acceptable by Coach Saban.

Bama has a fair share of nicks and bruises after the bout with the Tigers and some key players are day to day and questionable for Saturdays 2:30 Kick on CBS.   Against LSU the shutout was a result of a relentless defense led by Quinnen Williams.  He looked unblock able against the Tigers who managed only 16 rushing yards. 

Let down vs Ms St?   Remember a few weeks back Coach Saban mentioned a possible let down or as he called it, a trap game.  This game because of where it falls in the schedule, seems to be a possible trap game.   Remember last year Bama struggled and won with a clutch drive in the 4th Qtr.  A quick look at the Bullies schedule reveals to me - against SEC foes this year, MSU has scored a total of 67 points in 5 games.   The two wins in the SEC are vs Auburn and TAMU.   MSU will certainly have to play the best game of the season to score with Bama.

I believe this game will speak volumes about this Bama team, who many say is among the greatest of all time.  It would be easy to coast into this one and rest on ones laurels.  If that is the case and Bama struggles it will say they have chinks in their armor.  If they take care of MSU with a business like attitude - they may actually deserve those lofty praises.  

I look for Bama to make a statement in this game.  They will score early and often, easily covering the spread of 23.5


  45      17


Fri, November 9, 2018 | link 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Week 10 - Bama Vs LSU

And so it goes - The first CFB Playoff poll is out and Bama reigns at #1 - and this weeks opponent is #3 LSU.  Wait what?  Yes... one loss LSU came in at number 3.  Most people me included never expected to see this matchup have so much significance.  LSU has found a way to win in games they were not predicted to win.  They have a very tough defense, and their secondary is touted by most as the best in college football.  HYPE - oh you bet.  Remember 2011 and 2012 GAME OF THE CENTURY?  Well this one is being HYPED as Game of the Century part II. 

Bama is a 14 point favorite according to the guys in Vegas.   LSU's one loss came to the Florida Gators, then the following week they cornered the Ga Dawgs at the time rated #3 in the country.  Looking at this game on paper, you certainly understand why the Vegas odds makers make Bama a favorite.  However, the cliché - "they don't play it on paper."   LSU players have talked a little smack, but not any that would be locker room material.  The most threatening thing said has been said by many, "who has Bama played to get all their stats."  




Points Per Game



Points Allowed Per Game



Total Yards



Yards Passing



Yards Rushing



Yards Allowed



Pass Yards Allowed



Rush Yards Allowed



In years past this game has been a donnybrook for the most part and a defensive, conservative game.  LSU has a former OSU QB Joe Burrow, who has managed games well, but not garnered a lot of offense.  Can LSU keep up with Bama's high scoring offense?  That question will be answered of course on Saturday at 7pm in Death Valley on CBS.   My answer to the question ?   Bama has a different team than I ever remember going into Tiger Stadium.  For that matter this Offense is different than any other Bama team I have ever seen.

LSU will be pumped, make no mistake.  Bama will need to continue their streak of scoring early to take the fans out of the game.  If Bama does that, they will prosper.  If LSU hangs around it may be close.  Nick Saban on Thursday night's radio show was asked " If Bama wins the coin toss, will they choose to  kick or receive."  - "Coach Saban replied - "I hope they choose to kick ASS!"



      41          27



Fri, November 2, 2018 | link 

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