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15 National Championships - and I have been fortuante enough to wittness the last 4 in person.
I have always been an Alabama Crimson Tide Fan.  My Favorite Memories are of the Tide are on those fall afternoons and nights sitting with my Dad in front of the radio listing to John Forney and Doug Layton.   My favorite memory is of me and My Dad, Howard Fred Hornsby, in the living room floor basking in the glory as Bama took it to Southern California unveiling the Wishbone. 
That was topped in 92 as I was fortunate enough to see Bama dismantle the Mighty Hurricanes. Along side was my Uncle Wallace and Doris Veazey, their son Mike and my Mother.
My Oh My I still tear up thinking of that game.  Long since then I have lost my dad, my beloved Coach and many others, but the Passion for Bama is still there.  Chills run up and down as Bama takes the field regardless of the opponent.  Now I spend most Saturdays with my Mom, Jamie Hornsby, My wife Michele and my Son Justin...watching The Tide.

Never in my wildest dreams as a child in Goodwater Alabama, did I think I would see in person Bama at the Rose Bowl win National Title, then back at the Superdome to witness number 14 against LSU. 
Of course as a fan I had my good luck pieces, be it a statue of an Elephant or a Bama Football player, and I begin to collect unique things as the years passed.  My collection of unique Memorabilia has continued to grow, as has my collection of Tide Rides.  I developed this space to share those with you.

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I would like to invite you to check out what the folks at Reese's have done.  The official candy of NCAA football, contacted me with interest in doing a story about "TIDE RIDES" and the fan who would have such a collection.  Yours truly obliged, and it was a good decision.  The crew spent a few hours with Michele and me and were the nicest people.  The entire crew was fantastic, but special thanks to Joey, Sarah and Marty.  You are welcome back anytime !!! There is a link at the bottom for you to enjoy the segment..entitled, "BAMA'S BIGGEST FAN"  ....yeah, I know.....  keep the comments about the title to yourselves... 

Enjoy and Roll Tide!!!!!!!!
Bama Room
Bama Room


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday January 2 - 2014

My oh my, what a difference a year makes.  This time last year, Michele and I were en-route to South Beach, to see the Atlantic Tide and the Crimson Tide Roll.  This year, we will be watching from our TV, as the Tide takes on Oklahoma in the Sugar. 

One Second – A Second that had for all practical purposes disappeared and then brought back to life by virtue of the college football review… changed so many things.  Of course it is speculation, would Bama have beaten Auburn in OT? Perhaps or perhaps not?  That is the love and loath of College FB. 

As it turned out, Auburn did, with ease, RUN the ball on Bama’s D and that proved to really be the difference in the game.  That final play won, but the many missed plays prior were the real culprits.  As Coach Bryant said many times, it should never have come to that point.

So, tonight Bama takes on the Sooners in the Sugar Bowl.  Bama a proverbial favorite, in the range of 14 to 16 points…..

Which Bama squad shows up to play tonight?  The one that has shown for the past NC games, hungry and all business, or the one who showed in the Sugar, 7 years ago – and was trounced by the Utes!!!

Of course in my Crimson Colored glasses, the nod goes to the all Business, hungry team.  And perhaps reading between the lines, of Nick talk, he is getting back to “SQUARE ONE” and is looking to play those guys who “buy in”.  Thus “THE PROCESS”.  Win lose or otherwise, play to the best of your ability, and let everything else take care of itself. 

The Sooners come into this game with 2 losses, Texas and Baylor.  They have two, top ten wins – OK ST and Texas Tech.  They are currently on a 3 game winning streak and have won 2 of those where they were underdogs.    So which team will be most motivated?

Bama or OK?  Both have a lot to lose! Pride – Position in the BCS going into next year.  Bama is still seen my many as the best team in the country, and for OK to knock them off, will be a big Feather in their cap.  Bama ?  Well, they have a lot to prove.  AJ and his fellow seniors don’t want to be remembered for a loss in the final game.  Finally Saban vs Stoops. Here is where I think Bama wins.


Final Prediction of the season.


Bama 35 – Oklahoma 17


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Friday, November 29, 2013



As excited as I am about the Iron Bowl, I am equally saddened by the fact – the season is ending.  I truly love College Football.  I enjoy the enthusiasm, the excitement the anticipation and the FUN of it all.   So much has happened this year, and among the things that have happened, Bama remains undefeated and Auburn has surprised everyone by coming into this game having lost only to LSU. 


Both teams have a lot ridding on this.  Obviously Alabama has more to loose, with the possibility of a 3rd National Championship in a row.   Auburn is at home, and that will (like it or not) affect Bama, how much depends on how well Bama can move the ball.  Of course quieting the crowd means Bama is doing well – and I really have an odd feeling about this game. 


Auburn is a “spread” team that runs first to throw, Bama uses more of a power, throw to run formation.   Who can stop who?  If I could answer that, I’d bet the house, but I don’t know the answer, but like the many pundits, I will speculate.


I’m guessing Bama may struggle with the Auburn Offense…on the first couple of possessions, et al… TAMU – I think Bama will adjust and the tempo of the game will change.    I look for AJ McCarron to be the “guy” for Bama, on Offense and CJ Mosley, to be much the same for Bama D.  If those two guys have the games they are capable of having, Bama wins going away.   As I type this, it is hard to imagine, AJ McCarron has accomplished so much in his career, which is coming to an end this year.  AJ truly phenomenal, with 3 more wins, will have 40 wins, 4 NC and 3 in a row.  But there are monumental wins in the balance.  The first is Auburn, and I think that will happen…. Tomorrow, as the Loveliest Village, becomes the Den for the Battle of #1 AND #4 … reminiscent of 2010 when Bama had the role of “spoiler” … and we know how that went, Bama lost –after a miracle 2nd half comeback. 

Most say, “Throw out the record books” in this game, well I say not true, the favored team usually wins.   Bama is favored by 10 – and I look for them to make good of that and mover a step closer to #16 with a win over Auburn.

 One other small note - Bama since Saban has lost to Auburn 2 times, by a total of 8 points, and won 5 by at combined total of 78 points. 


Bama 35 Auburn 20

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Game 10 Bama Vs Miss State

The Bama LSU rivalry lived up to expectations…. well it did at least for a half, then Bama seemed to say, “Ok here we go” as the stalwart Defense allowed only 52 total yards with All American DJ Mobley garnering the SEC Defensive player of the week award for his outstanding effort, and inspiring the entire defense to rise up after a very lackluster first half.  Bama outscored the Tigers in the 2nd stanza 21 to 3, behind the arm and head of AJ McCarron.  The bevy of receivers continues to have outstanding games.  Freshman TE OJ Howard shined with a beautiful touchdown reception where he simply outran the LSU dbacks to get to the end zone.  Howard is destined for greatness.  The tandem of Yeldon / Drake pounded the LSU defense time and time again, behind what is becoming an outstanding offensive line.  Final score Bama 38 LSU 17.

This week, the #1 ranked Crimson Tide takes it’s traveling show to Starkville, to challenge the Bulldogs.  State is a bit of disappointment, in my opinion, struggling to become bowl eligible with a record of 4 – 5.  Under HC Dan Mullen, many think the bullies have underachieved.  Most thought Mullen would bring respectability.  But instead of being contenders, they will try to become spoilers. 

Odds makers think Bama wins by 25, and in spite of tbe fact that history says Miss State normally plays Bama touch, I think Bama will cover with a TD to spare.


Bama 41 Miss State 13.  RTR

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week 10 - Game 9 The LSU Tigers VS The Crimson Tide.

Before I get into the normal BLAH BLAH BLAH, I would like to invite you to check out what the folks at Reese's have done.  The official candy of NCAA football, contacted me with interest in doing a story about "TIDE RIDES" and the fan who would have such a collection.  Yours truly obliged, and it was a good decision.  The crew spent a few hours with Michele and me and were the nicest people.  The entire crew was fantastic, but special thanks to Joey, Sarah and Marty.  You are welcome back anytime !!! There is a link at the bottom for you to enjoy the segment..entitled, "BAMA'S BIGGEST FAN"  ....yeah, I know.....  keep the comments about the title to yourselves...


So, here we are, that time of year again. Where the LSU coach and the former LSU coach square off into a duel… for SEC supremacy… OH Wait, LSU has lost two games thus far in the 2013 season….so has this game, once labeled “Game of the Century” lost its luster?  As a fan of the Crimson Tide, I say NO, absolutely not!!! 


Bama of course is ranked #1 and undefeated, and LSU has losses to Ga, and Ole Miss.  I’m still not sure how they stumbled to Ole Miss but looking back I did notice that Ole Miss plays LSU tough almost every season, running up lots of yards in the process., and actually beat the Tigers in 3 of the past 7 contests.  Given that bit of history, it is asinine to base this game on that score.


I think the Crimson Tide is in for a war.   Bama is favored by Vegas odds makers by 10.5/11.5 , the largest since the Miles Vs Saban era.  So how has this game faired against the spread?  Curiously, I found these stats.



Spread: LSU (-6.5)
Result: LSU 41, Alabama 34    COVERED

Spread: Alabama (-3)
Result: Alabama 27, LSU 21 (OT)  COVERED

Spread: Alabama (-7)
Result: Alabama 24, LSU 15   COVERED

Spread: Alabama (-6.5)
Result: LSU 24, Alabama 21  NOT COVERED

Spread: Alabama (-5.5)
Result: LSU 9, Alabama 6 (OT)  NOT COVERED

NCG   Spread: Alabama (-2.5)
Result: Alabama 21, LSU 0   COVERED

Spread: Alabama (-7)
Result: Alabama 21, LSU 17   NOT COVERED

Spread: Alabama (-11)
Result:  ??????????????????????


What does all that mean?  Well, the favored team in those years won 5 games, covering in 4 of them.   Remember Vegas is not picking the winner, they are picking to get people to bet…

This Bama team does remind me of the 09 group, who had that “Get it done” attitude.  Too, I think AJ wants that 3peat really bad.  He seems to be more focused than ever and out to prove to the doubters that he is great QB, not a “Game Manager”.  That’s why, I believe Bama wins but doesn’t cover.   Though conventional wisdom says, DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE… I’m throwing conventional wisdom out the window…. Bama 31  LSU 23.

Roll Tide…
Enjoy the segment from          "LETS GO REESE'S

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week 9 Game 8 - Tenn vs Bama - Tradionally The 3rd Saturday in October

So much for Tradition - this game is the 4th Saturday in October and has been a few times in the past since the division of the SEC in the early Nineties.  None the less, it is Alabama and Tennessee week.  More about that, but first, Bama slaughtered the Piggies from Arky by the tune of 52 - 0. Oddly enough the same score as last year.  2013 Bama D is looking a lot like the Defenses of the past.  Many say with Vinnie Sunseri out for the season (Knee) Bama still has some questions in the secondary.  Now that Ha Ha Clinton Dix is back, that shores up the secondary, but it will be interesting to see how opposing teams try to attack.

Tennessee's is riding high following their Victory over South Carolina.  They are looking like a team who is getting better.  The Vols come into Bryant Denny with a 4-3 record.  Bama of course still sits at number 1 in all polls and the Vegas Odds makers have Bama favored by 28. 

This rivalry takes me back to some wonderful and not so wonderful memories.   Coach Bryant truly loved this game and there was nothing like Tennessee week.  Perkins and others with ties to the late Great Bryant, carried on many of the great traditions of the week, such as piping Rocky Top into the practices...the scout team wearing Orange.. and the list goes on.  But things change, and time changes most all things - as has this rivalry.   This Bama team, doesn't seem to have a "Mad On" for UT, like that generation gone by, and rightfully so, Bama has won the last 6 as this has become a very streaky series.  

In 09 Bama was scared to death as Mt. Cody snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a big paw on a field goal attempt to win.  While I think the Vols will certainly show, I don't think that will be the case in this one.   I don't think Bama covers, but wins going away.

 Bama 38 - Tenn 13

Smoke em if you got em' RTR  

Thu, October 24, 2013 | link 

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